Do you want to move to a new house, but your old house is still for sale? Then it may happen that your old house becomes vacant after the move. Or you may decide not to move to your new home yet and it will remain vacant. It is not always possible to sell your house quickly. You then have to deal with double housing costs (for a longer period of time). To reduce these costs, you can consider renting out your house temporarily under the Leegstandwet.

The advantage of letting on the basis of the Leegstandwet is that lenders of a mortgage often agree to this (as opposed to 'normal' letting). This is because part of the rent protection lapses. This means that a tenant has no right to remain in the property after the lease expires.

To temporarily rent out your property under the Leegstandwet, you need a permit from the municipality.

How does it work?

When can you apply for a temporary rental permit under the Empty Homes Act:

  • the house is empty, or
  • the house is for sale, or
  • the house has never been lived in (new construction), or
  • the house has been occupied by you as the owner in the 12 months before the house became vacant

You, as the owner, must rent the house for at least 6 months and give at least 3 months' notice. The tenant has a notice period of 1 month.


Through the central government website:

Application for permit for temporary rental of vacant residential property

 Application for renewal of permit for temporary rental of vacant residential property

Please send the completed form to:

Municipality of Zoetermeer
Attn: VVH Department / Living
PO Box 15


permit for temporary rental of vacant housing€ 51,33

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