You may not just make a driveway or exit onto the public road. Report this to the municipality in advance and check whether you need an environmental permit for this.

What you need to know

An exit or driveway is the same thing. The municipality may deny a permit to construct or change an exit/entryway if:

  • the safety of other traffic on the road is endangered
  • it comes at the expense of a public parking space
  • public green space is affected
  • there is already an exit/entryway on the same piece of land

Unsure if you need a permit? If so, contact the Environmental Desk.

What should you do?

You can check which permit you need for your building plans through the Environment Counter and submit an application immediately.

Requirements for the drawing you must include with your application

With your application, you must include a drawing of the exit/entryway. This drawing must meet the following requirements from the Public Space Manual:

  • A drawing of the existing and new situation. These drawings must show:
    • the dimensions of the plot
    • the way the site is accessed
    • the adjoining land with buildings occurring thereon
    • the intended use of the land associated with the proposed structure
  • The establishment of on-site parking facilities.

All drawings submitted must be clearly dimensioned and scaled.

General requirements for drawings:

  • Drawings are subject to the maximum applicable scale specified therein:
    • Situation drawings: maximum 1:1000 (preferred 1:100/1:200/1:500).
    • Detail drawings: 1:5, 1:10 or 1:20.
  • The site drawing shows the orientation of the structure on the parcel and in relation to surrounding buildings and roads (including street names, house numbers and possibly north arrow).
  • The presence of obstacles in the way of docking (for example, trees, light poles, sidewalk gullies and so on).


Application costs

To process the application, you pay a €181.20 administrative fee. Is your application refused? Then you will not get this money back.

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

Construction costs

  • You may not build your own driveway/exit.
  • The municipality will perform the work for you at your expense.
  • The municipality also provides maintenance.
  • Costs are budgeted and charged in advance and based on the actual situation.
  • Costs depend on the length and width of the driveway/exit and any measures to be taken.
  • On average, constructing a driveway/exit costs €4,500.
  • You must pay the cost of construction, alteration and maintenance in advance.

How long will it take?

Environmental permit application (regular application)

Within 8 weeks, you will be notified whether you will receive the environmental permit. The municipality can extend this period by 6 weeks. 

If you disagree with the municipality's decision, you can object within 6 weeks.

Environmental permit application (extended application)

A decision period of 26 weeks applies to extended applications. This period can also be extended once by 6 weeks. In this procedure, you do not receive the permit by operation of law.

The municipality makes a draft decision on your application. Everyone can give their opinion (views) on it within 6 weeks. If you do not agree with the draft decision, state why in your opinion. You will automatically be informed whether you will receive the permit.

If you disagree with the municipality's decision, you can file an appeal with the court within 6 weeks. This is only possible if you have also submitted an opinion on the draft decision.


Do you disagree with a decision made by the municipality? Then you can file a free objection. The municipality must then make a new decision.