The municipality has 2 swimming pools: De Veur and De Driesprong. There you can go for lane swimming and participate in swimming lessons and target group lessons. The organization of the swimming program is carried out by the Swim&Smile Foundation.

Requesting reimbursement for swimming lessons

Parents/caregivers of Zoetermeer children who take swimming lessons for swimming certificate A and meet the requirements can receive a reimbursement of €100.

More about requesting reimbursement for swimming lessons

Swimming in the Noord Aa

Zoetermeer has beautiful swimming water, also for surfing and boating. A beautiful location with a beach for sunbathing and swimming.

Bathing water quality

In warm weather, nuisance blue-green algae can occur. During the swimming season, water quality is checked regularly. If necessary, residents are warned if the water quality does not meet requirements. You can then find this information at www.zwemwater.nl and on signs at the beach itself. Solutions are being worked on in various ways to stop the growth of blue-green algae and prevent nuisance.

How do I check the quality of swimming water?

Want to know the quality of the water and whether you can swim?


Bathing water - Rhineland Water Board

On these websites you will also find a link to the swimming app for Apple and Android

Want to learn more about blue-green algae control?

Information on blue-green algae (control)

Blue-green algae protocol 2020 | RIVM

How often is the bathing water monitored and by whom?

The Rijnland Water Board checks the swimming water quality once every two weeks for the presence of bacteria and blue-green algae. If the swimming water quality does not meet the requirements, the Omgevingsdienst Midden Holland (ODMH), commissioned by the province, issues a warning or negative swimming advice. In that case, inspections are carried out weekly instead of biweekly. Information on current bathing water quality can be found at www.zwemwater.nl.

Why is the water checked for bacteria and blue-green algae?

Swimming in water with blue-green algae can cause skin irritation and gastrointestinal problems.

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New swimming pool The Watergeus

In the Van Tuyllpark, the municipality of Zoetermeer is building a new recreational swimming pool: De Watergeus.