On Monday, January 31, 2022, the City Council adopted the Zoetermeer 2040 Vision ( pdf). The vision answers the question of what we must do to ensure that Zoetermeer remains a pleasant city in the long term, where everyone can enjoy living, working and recreation.

State of affairs 2024

In the coming months we will work towards the sequel: the Spatial Strategy Zoetermeer (RSZ) and policy programs such as Housing as a Driver. With the strategy we will map out how and where we will implement the Vision. The Housing as a Driver policy program describes Zoetermeer's ambitions in the field of housing and how to realize them.

Learn more about the Zoetermeer Spatial Strategy (RSZ) at www.zoetermeer.nl/rsz.

Vision Zoetermeer 2040

The Vision Zoetermeer 2040 (pdf) is a long-term vision for the social, economic and spatial development of Zoetermeer. The vision states how Zoetermeer can develop and continue to build for improvement and development opportunities for all residents. Central to the vision is the task of achieving a better balance and upward movement of the city, focused on equity and livability, making the city more sustainable and renewing the economy. The vision was created based on extensive research and studies of Zoetermeer and similar municipalities. In addition, many discussions and meetings have been held with residents, organizations, government agencies and experts in recent years about the development and desired future of Zoetermeer and Zoetermeer society. Based on these insights, the vision Zoetermeer 2040 has been drawn up. The Zoetermeer 2040 vision is also the environmental vision for the municipality of Zoetermeer under the Environmental Act.

Strategic Agenda 2040

The Strategic Agenda 2040 (pdf) bridges the gap between the Vision Zoetermeer 2040 (pdf) and its long-term implementation. The strategic agenda lists the programs that will be worked on in the coming years. The annex to the strategic agenda also discusses how we will set up participation in implementation. The agenda will be updated regularly. This allows us to develop the vision step by step and respond well to new insights and circumstances.

The State of Zoetermeer

In preparation for the vision Zoetermeer 2040, the municipality has prepared the Basic Document Zoetermeer 2040. The basic document provides a broad and factual understanding of developments in the city and makes connections between social, economic and physical developments clear.

As part of the basic document, the municipality commissioned research into the State of Zoetermeer and its place in the Netherlands and within the region. The results of that research show a declining trend in the areas of residential attractiveness and socioeconomic position, among others, compared to the national average and compared to the region.

On December 14, 2021, several submitters of views explained their views and answered questions from council members during a discussion evening on the draft vision Zoetermeer 2040. The evening concluded with a joint discussion. The discussion evening was organized at the initiative of the council. The discussion evening can be viewed via the link below.

On Monday, June 14, 2021, the City Council adopted the draft vision Zoetermeer 2040 (pdf) and the strategic agenda Zoetermeer 2040 (pdf).

On Monday, May 17, 2021, the college presented the draft Vision Zoetermeer 2040 and Strategic Agenda 2040 to the council for decision.

On September 8 and 15, 2020, the City Council debated the official advice on Zoetermeer 2040.