Sometimes you want to report something about something without your name being known. For example, because you know the perpetrator. Did you know there are several ways to do this anonymously?

The most well-known is Report Crime Anonymously by calling 0800-7000. This applies to serious crimes such as street violence and domestic violence. But also if you suspect credit card fraud, healthcare or rent allowance fraud. If you call Report Crime Anonymously at 0800-7000, they will handle your report completely anonymously. They do not take down your personal details, even if you accidentally divulge them. They do not record calls and your phone number is not shown.


The municipality's call to report crimes contributes to greater safety for everyone. The municipality believes it is important for residents to feel safe in the city. Improving safety is a task of the municipality in cooperation with various partners. Efforts are focused on both prevention and actual action when necessary.

Other phone numbers you can call anonymously:

Namephone numberInformation
FIOD Anonymous reporting of tax and/or financial fraud can only be done in writing.
FIOD, Attn: Information Desk, PO Box 546, 2003 RM Haarlem.
SSW Inspectorate06-23866145For fraud and organized crime related to work and income.
Report Crime Anonymously0800-7000Independent hotline where you can anonymously provide information about crime and delinquency.
Hotline Bezorgd Zoetermeer070-353 7291If you are concerned about someone with psychosocial problems who needs help but is not taking steps on their own.
MiND Netherlands088-554 3222For reporting Internet discrimination.
iDb Foundation0800-321 8686Advice and hotline on discrimination and unequal treatment.
Criminal Intelligence Team088-155 1661For large-scale tax fraud or financial fraud by organized crime.
Safe Home0800-2000Domestic violence and child abuse hotline.
Suspected healthcare or benefit fraud or housing fraud14 079You can report suspected fraud anonymously online or by phone. A report is always handled confidentially.
Trust Line0800-280 0200For reports of violation of integrity by public employees, reports by threatened directors/officials and by business owners who are being extorted.