Sometimes you can apply for assistance as a self-employed person. For example, if you want to start your own business from the benefit or if your business has temporary financial problems. Have you just started as an entrepreneur? We will support you if you do not succeed in earning a (minimum) income. You can appeal to the Bbz scheme(Besluit bijstandverlening zelfstandigen(external link) 2004).

Were you born after January 1, 1960 or over the age of 55? Then you may be able to take advantage of the Ioaz benefit(external link). Ioaz stands for Wet Inkomensvoorziening Oudere en gedeeltelijk Arbeidsongeschikt gewezen Zelfstandige. 

With a Bbz or Ioaz benefit, you can continue to pay your living expenses. You can also get a loan for investments in your business.

The municipality of Zoetermeer cooperates with the Regional Bureau for Self-Employed Persons (RBZ)(external link) of the municipality of Rotterdam. The RBZ implements the Bbz and the Ioaz for the municipality of Zoetermeer.

Before you apply, check the website link). There you can see right away if you may be eligible for Bbz.

What you need to know

The Bbz and the Ioaz law is there for help:

  • If you are starting out as self-employed.
  • If you are self-employed and have financial problems.
  • If you are self-employed and want to quit this.
  • If you are thinking of quitting your business because you are not making enough income from your business.

Supplement to assistance level

A BBZ benefit allows you to supplement your (family) income up to the assistance level(external link). The amount you get depends on your income and your partner's income. The amount also depends on your living situation. For example, whether you form a household with several people. The municipality also takes into account your financial situation, such as your housing costs.

Working capital Bbz

In certain cases, you may be eligible for working capital(external link). This is a loan or a grant, depending in part on your assets. It allows you to invest in your business. 


  • You apply for the assistance through an application form on the website of the Regional Self-Employment Office(external link) (RBZ).
  • By answering a few questions, you will immediately see whether you can submit an online BBZ application or whether a meeting with an RBZ employee is required first. This applies, for example, to entrepreneurs who want to quit or entrepreneurs who want to apply for business capital.

What do you need for the application?

  • A DigiD login code (you are required to log in with DigiD).
  • Do you have a partner? He or she must also declare that he or she agrees to all the conditions of the BBZ benefit. The benefit will be awarded to both of you and must be declared on your tax return.


Which documents you need depends on your situation. The Regional Self-Employed Agency (RBZ) can give you more information about this.


Do you have any questions? Or would you like more information? Then contact the Regional Self-Employment Office (RBZ)(external link).

How long will it take?

On a simple application, you will receive a decision within 13 weeks. Sometimes additional research is required. If more research is needed, the application will take longer to process. Then you may receive an advance payment. You will be notified when you receive an advance payment.


If you disagree with the municipality's decision, you can object within 6 weeks.