Are you experiencing noise nuisance? Under "What should I do" you will find more information about the different types of noise nuisance and how to report them.

Noise pollution from events

  • Directly surrounding residents of an event always receive a letter from the organizer in advance with information about the event.
  • This letter should also include a phone number of the contact person for complaints and/or questions during the event.
  • Producing noise and complying with noise standards is always the responsibility of the organizer.
  • The organizer can take immediate action if there is a nuisance.
  • Are you experiencing (noise) nuisance from an event? Always call the phone number mentioned in the letter first.
  • Do you get no answer at the phone number from the letter? Then contact the municipality at 14 079. You can then be connected to the control room of Team Enforcement. You can also call the police.
  • You can also, for non-urgent complaints, file a report online with the municipality. Please use the contact form to do so.

(Noise) nuisance from neighbors

A nuisance usually exists when it occurs frequently, at inappropriate times and/or lasts a long time.

Are your neighbors causing a nuisance, such as noise or smells? Always try to work things out together first. Let your neighbors know that you are experiencing a nuisance and look for a solution together. Does a conversation not solve the problems? Then you can ask neighborhood mediation, the police or a mediator for help. You can arrange neighborhood mediation through the Kwadraad Foundation | Neighborhood Mediation(external link).

For more information on nuisance and how to solve it, also check out the website Landelijk Platform Woonoverlast.(external link)

Reporting to the municipality

You can always report nuisance from your neighbors to the municipality.

Do you suspect criminal offenses? Then you can report it to the police(external link) or file a police report.

You live in an owner-occupied home?

If you live in an owner-occupied apartment, you can try to resolve the problem with the Owner's Association (AoE) or neighborhood mediation. In the VvE, house rules of the apartment complex are agreed upon. If you are bothered by your neighbors, the VvE can give the resident(s) a warning and/or impose a fine. In extreme cases, they may even deny the occupant(s) the use of the apartment.

Is the VvE unable to help you? Or do you live in a house for sale without an OvE? Then you can ask a neighborhood mediator, mediator or lawyer for help. This person can help you reach a solution with your neighbors. They know what your rights are and are not emotionally involved. In the worst case, you will have to go to court.

You live in a rental property?

Ask the housing authority or rent committee for help.

Sometimes noise pollution has a technical cause. If you live in a rental property, you can ask the landlord to take measures.

Noise pollution from businesses

Are you experiencing noise pollution from a company such as a café, restaurant, car garage, transformer house or noise pollution from construction or demolition work? Then you can file a report with the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden(external link)

Residents of Zoetermeer can also report their complaint about noise nuisance to the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden via the nuisance reporting form(external link).

You can also report an urgent complaint (or a complaint in the evening or during the weekend) about noise nuisance at companies directly to the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden(external link) via telephone number: 0888 - 333 555. This phone number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Noise pollution from construction and demolition work

Are you experiencing noise nuisance due to construction and demolition work? Then you can make a report via: 

Contact with the municipality

How long will it take?

A notification about public space is handled within 10 working days. If the report is not handled within 10 days, we will contact you.

You can find our service standards on our website.