The predicate 'Royal' is an award for a company, association, foundation or institution. You can apply for this predicate with the mayor. You may then add the title 'Royal' to the name of your organization. You may also use an image of the Royal Crown in your logo.

How does it work?


You can get the designation if your company:

  • is important in your field
  • at least 100 years of existence
  • Employs at least 100 employees
  • has a good reputation
  • the finances are in order
  • is not part of a larger concern that is already Royal
  • markets itself as a Dutch company


You can receive the designation if your association:

  • is important within your field
  • at least 100 years of existence
  • does not spread political or other sensitive views
  • is not part of a larger context that is already Royal

Unfortunately, if your organization is acquired or there are major structural changes, you may no longer use the Royal designation.

What should you do?

How long will it take?

  • Your application will take at least a year to process.
  • You will be notified automatically whether your organization receives the designation.
  • If your organization receives the designation, you will receive it and the accompanying certificate during a special celebration.

Other awards

Municipal awards

A municipal award is a token of appreciation for a person or organization that has dedicated themselves in a special way to the city of Zoetermeer and/or its residents. The municipality of Zoetermeer has four different municipal awards.

For more information, see Municipal Awards.

Royal decoration (ribbon)

The rain of ribbons takes place every year on the last working day before King's Day. Most royal honors are awarded during this rain of ribbons. 

For more information, see Royal Award, ribbon.

Royal medal of honor

Only an association, foundation or institution that has existed for at least 50 years can receive a Royal Medal of Honor. 

For more information, see Royal Medal of Honor.

Becoming a Court Supplier

The addition "By Royal Order Court Supplier" can be awarded to small and medium-sized businesses that are prominent in their region and have been in existence for 100, 125 (or multiples of 25) years.

For more information, see Becoming a Court Supplier.