The designation "Purveyor to the Royal Court" is a royal award for small and medium-sized enterprises. Your company may then use the royal coat of arms and add the title "Purveyor to the Royal Household". Only the king or queen (the head of state) can grant the designation "Purveyor to the Royal Household".

You can apply for the predicate at the mayor's office where the business is located.


Do you want to become a court supplier? Then you must meet the requirements below:

  • Your business must have been in existence for at least 100 (or 125, 150, etc.) years, preferably under the same name.
  • The genesis must be clear and demonstrable.
  • The company must be locally and/or regionally known and among the top 3 companies in the industry. 
  • Directors must be of impeccable legal and economic standing.
  • Your company must have Dutch identity.
  • Candidate court suppliers usually have fewer than 100 employees (small and medium-sized businesses).


Award of the predicate is made only on the occasion of the 100th (or 125, 150th, etc.) anniversary. Submit a request to the mayor at least 1 year in advance.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Contact the Zoetermeer Municipality Cabinet at or call 14 079. We will give you more information and send you an application form.
  • Send the completed application form to or by mail to Municipality of Zoetermeer, Attn: Cabinet, PO Box 15, 2700 AA Zoetermeer.
  • Please send along with the application form:
    • proof of your company's incorporation date
    • a balance sheet of the past 5 years
    • a description of financial expectations for the coming years
  • The mayor writes a recommendation and forwards your request to the King's Commissioner.
  • Before the King's Commissioner gives an opinion, his department (cabinet) first starts a thorough investigation of your company. For example, your balance sheet for the past few years is checked and you must not have a criminal record. The cooperation in this investigation includes the Labor Inspectorate, the mayor, the police, the Chamber of Commerce and various ministries (insofar as your industry is covered). The Commissioner of the King then sends his advice to the Private Secretary of Her Majesty the King.
  • After being granted the title by the King, the King's Commissioner or the Mayor will present you with the certificate/predicate corresponding to the honorary title. You may then announce to the outside world that you are entitled to bear the title of purveyor to the royal household. This is done by means of a coat of arms on the facade. You may associate the image of the coat of arms with your name and logo on your business correspondence, packaging, etc.
  • The right is granted to your company for a period not exceeding 25 years. After that period, perpetuation must be requested.

Other awards

Municipal awards

A municipal award is a token of appreciation for a person or organization that has dedicated themselves in a special way to the city of Zoetermeer and/or its residents. The municipality of Zoetermeer has four different municipal awards.

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Royal decoration (ribbon)

The rain of ribbons takes place every year on the last working day before King's Day. Most royal honors are awarded during this rain of ribbons. 

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Royal medal of honor

Only an association, foundation or institution that has existed for at least 50 years can receive a Royal Medal of Honor. 

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Royal predicate

The Predicate Royal is a distinction that can be granted to associations, foundations, institutions or large corporations. 

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