Art projects and participation

Visual art plays a major role in how we experience our environment. Art connects people to their city and gives character to a place. This is why art is important to city culture. Artists work with residents on new art projects. On this page, intended for residents and artists, you can read more about how you can participate in current and upcoming projects.

Artwork Fairy Tale Animals by Wilma Mantje

Commissioned fine art

For decades, the municipality of Zoetermeer has commissioned professional artists to create a work of art for construction projects. A work of art designed especially for the site and especially for the people who use the site. In this way, art really becomes of and for the city. There are now about 180 works of art in public places in the city. For more information:

Catalog Fine Art

Percentage Scheme for Fine Art in Public Space

Zoetermeer has a scheme for art commissions: Percentage Scheme Visual Art in Public Space. This scheme ensures that extra money is available in every construction project, to have art designed. By considering an art design early on in the project, we can ensure that it fits well with the environment of the building or public area.

Regulation Percentage Scheme for Fine Art in Public Space.

Participation in project groups by residents

In Zoetermeer, residents help think about the art that will be placed in the city. For each art commission, the municipality puts together a temporary project group. Through an appeal in local media and this art page, residents, users of the location where the work of art is to be installed and other interested parties from Zoetermeer can register. This group determines the exact location and the assignment description for the artwork. They select artists for sketch ideas and then they choose the idea that will actually be executed. A project leader and professional consultant guide the project group in this process.

What do we ask of members of a project group?

You do not need to have experience or knowledge in the field of art: anyone can participate. The members of the project group will receive an explanation of the approach from the project leader. If you participate, it will cost you a total of 14 to 16 hours, spread over approximately 1.5 years. The meetings with the project group are usually during the day. If you are unable to attend, you will receive information by e-mail.

At this time, you cannot sign up for a project group.

Procedure for art projects

For each new commission, the Municipality of Zoetermeer seeks professional visual artists who do not yet have a work of art in Zoetermeer. For large commissions, you will find the advertisement in artists' magazine BK-information and on this website. For art commissions with a smaller budget, the municipality nominates artists to the project group. Professionally working artists submit a CV and documentation of existing work. 

The project group reviews the submitted material and then invites one or more artists to create a sketch idea. One sketch idea is developed into a final design. The project group supervising the commission consists of residents and/or users of the location where the artwork is to be located.

There are currently no commissions for which artists can apply.