Some places in Zoetermeer could use a refresh. For example, a wall with old paint, a bench, an odd parking space or an ugly corner. 

Would you like your neighborhood to be more beautiful, safer and greener? And do you have a good idea to fix up a place? Let us know what you want to change and how you want to do it. You can make a big difference with just a small change!

Notice! Do you see something that is broken or needs to be cleaned up? For example, a hole in the road, damage to street lighting or traffic signs, broken branches, blown down trees, broken playground equipment or unsafe traffic situations? Then file a report free of charge via Melding woon- en leefomgeving.

How do we choose the best ideas?

A team of experts reviews all the ideas. They look at 6 things for each idea:

  1. Attractiveness
    Does your idea make the area look nice, making it a nice place to live?
  2. Safety
    Does your idea ensure that the area is safe and easily accessible, with enough roads and good lighting?
  3. Accessibility
    Does your idea make a place accessible to everyone, regardless of age or disability?
  4. Health
    Does your idea enable residents to live active and healthy lives?
  5. Involvement
    Does your idea get people to meet and do things together?
  6. Sustainability
    Does your idea make the environment more sustainable? For example, will it use sustainable materials and techniques?

We give each idea a grade for these 6 things (values). A high grade, a basic grade or a low grade. The higher the grade, the better (more valuable) the idea.

We make €50,000 available each year until 2026 for this project. We keep an amount of about €4,000 per idea. If we get more good ideas than we can pay for, we choose the ideas with the highest marks.

What should you do?

  1. First, check out the map and see what ideas have already been passed around. 
  2. Is your idea already on the map? If so, you don't have to submit the same idea. You can track the status of the idea through the map. 
  3. Is your idea not yet on the map? Submit your idea using the form: Refurbish a piece of Zoetermeer.   

How long will it take?

We review all ideas received within 4 to 6 weeks.