If you are traveling abroad with your child, your child will need his or her own passport or identity card. In addition, you may need permission from the other parent if you wish to travel alone with your minor child.

What should you do?

Your child is traveling with another adult

If your child is under the age of 18 and is traveling abroad with another adult, permission is required from the custodial parent(s). For example, a vacation with a grandfather, grandmother or the parents of a friend. You can arrange this with the form consent travel abroad with minor.

You have sole parental authority

Do you have sole parental authority (sole custody) and do you want to travel with your child? Then you must be able to prove that you have parental authority. More information about which documents you need can be found on the website of the International Child Abduction Center.

Extract of parental authority

Do you need an extract showing parental authority? You can request this extract from the Register of Custody.

International BRP extract?

Do you need the extract to travel with minor children? Then sometimes an international extract from the BRP is also required. This extract cannot be obtained through the Family Register, but must be requested from the municipality (call 14 079). You must then add the international extract to the form for permission to travel with minors.