You usually do not need an environmental permit to demolish. However, you often need to report the demolition to the municipality.

You file a demolition notification in the following cases:

  • demolition will release 10 m³* or more of waste
  • during demolition you remove asbestos

*A container with a capacity of 10 m³ is 1.50 meters high, 3.60 meters deep and 1.90 meters wide.

Demolition notification and environmental permit

You will also need an environmental permit for an environmental (planning) activity in the following cases:

  • Demolition work on a recognized monument.
  • Demolition work on a building in a protected city or townscape.
  • Demolition in violation of environmental plan.
  • Demolition activities with potential impacts on flora and fauna.

Demolition due to immediate danger

In urgent cases such as fire and emergencies, the municipality can determine that the notification period does not apply and work can begin immediately. However, the demolition notification must still be submitted as soon as possible. In these cases, please contact the Environment Desk.

How does it work?

  • You submit a demolition notification 4 weeks before the start of the work via the Omgevingsloket.
  • You will receive a confirmation from the municipality.
  • 2 days before the start of the demolition work, inform the municipality in writing of the start date.

In some cases, the municipality may deviate from the 4-week deadline and use a deadline of one week That is possible:

  • In the case of repair or mutation maintenance work where a longer period will result in unnecessary vacancy or serious interference with the enjoyment of use.
  • For individuals who may remove asbestos-containing materials themselves.

The area of the asbestos-containing sheets, floor covering or floor tiles to be removed may then not exceed 35m².


In some cases, an environmental permit for demolition must be obtained.

You cannot use a demolition notification in the following cases:

  • The demolition work takes place in a protected town and/or village site.
  • The demolition work takes place in an area whose environmental plan states that it is prohibited to demolish buildings without an environmental permit.
  • The demolition work takes place in or near a protected monument.
  • Local residents or other interested parties who disagree with the demolition can ask the municipality to take enforcement action.

You apply for the environmental permit for the activity of demolition at the Omgevingsloket. The processing of the environmental permit for the activity of demolition is subject to the provisions of the Environmental Act and Building Works Decree for the Environment.

Online Arranging

Submit notification no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of work via:

Demolition notification (via Environment Counter)

With the demolition notification, provide the following information:

  • Name and address of the owner of the structure to be demolished.
  • Details of the structure to be demolished, such as address, cadastral designation and nature of the structure to be demolished.
  • Details of the person or company that will perform the demolition work.
  • An inventory of the type and quantity of demolition materials released and the disposal destination.
  • The dates, times and manner of carrying out the demolition work.
  • If necessary in view of the local situation: a demolition safety plan.
  • A report of an acoustic survey and/or vibration survey, if required by the specific situation.
  • An asbestos inventory report if one is required under the Building Works Environment Decree.
  • If applicable: information on the deployment of the mobile debris crusher, quantity, name and address of the owner of the recycling granules.

Notice! We cannot process a report that is not complete.


Application for environmental permit to demolish a structure€ 500,00

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

How long will it take?

Once you have filed your demolition notification, you can begin demolition after 4 weeks. This is only allowed if you have not received notice that your notification is not in order.

If you filed a demolition notification for work that you were required to notify no later than one week in advance, you can begin demolition after one week. Unless you have been notified that your notification is not complete. Then you will have to submit a new notification. The deadline will then begin again.

If you have also applied for an environmental permit, the following applies:

  • You will be notified within 8 weeks whether you will receive the permit. This period can be extended by 6 weeks.
  • For complex applications, you will be notified within 26 weeks. This deadline can be extended once by 6 weeks.

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