A division is the splitting of a residential complex into individual apartment rights. To carry out such a division, you always need a Division Permit as one of the residential units:

  • A social housing unit is with a rent below €808.06 per month.
  • A mid-rent home is one with a rent below €1141.96 per month or 189 points according to the Housing Rating System (WWS). 

You may apply for a Subdivision Permit only for a residence and not for an office, for example.


Split permit

Enclose with the application

You must include the attachments below with the application. Please have these ready digitally before filling out the form.

  • A subdivision plan that complies with Article 109 (2) of Book 5 of the Civil Code.
  • A justification for the application for division
  • An appraisal report of the building prepared by a licensed real estate agent. The report must include:
    • The portions of the building designated as separate living quarters.
    • A description and assessment of the state of maintenance of the building.
    • The rents of the portions designated as separate living quarters.

Please note! Sometimes you also need to apply for an Environmental Permit, for example because you are going to build, add to, or remodel. 


Split permit € 84,55

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