Sometimes you need a waiver from traffic regulations if you want to do something on or to the public road. For example, consider a waiver:

  • When parking is prohibited
  • For driving a car on a bicycle or footpath
  • For the (temporary) placement of a moving truck, crane or structure
  • for an event

A waiver can be temporary or long-term.

Notice! When extending a temporary waiver, you must reapply.

For an exemption to park large vehicles, go to Parking large vehicles. To apply for a parking permit or parking waiver in blue zones, go to P1 Parking Service Bureau(external link).

What you need to know

  • The municipality first looks at whether the requested waiver is really necessary. Sometimes there are other options.
  • It also considers whether the pavement is suitable for other uses than intended. For example, a sidewalk is not always suitable for a car.
  • Keep in mind that your application for a waiver may be denied.

Stadshart, Dorpsstraat and Fourth Station Street

Vehicular access to the Stadshart and Dorpsstraat is subject to strict rules. This includes the use of the bus lock on Fourth Station Street by vehicles other than line buses.

For the City Center, Dorpsstraat and Fourth Station Street, waivers apply for:

  1. Loading and unloading in the Stadshart via the pedestrian area between 07:00 and 11:00.
  2. Loading and unloading in the Dorpsstraat after 11 a.m.
  3. Passing the bus lock on Fourth Station Street.

Residents of the Dorpsstraat will only receive a temporary waiver to park a vehicle if they can park on their own property.

Companies in the Dorpsstraat

Newly established businesses in the Dorpsstraat will not receive a waiver. The basic principle is that the company must make a prior assessment of whether it can operate based on the prevailing traffic situation. A single exception is made for companies that depend on auction times, for example (and have to deal with the transport of fresh produce). However, the company must demonstrate why it is not possible to load and unload between 06:00 and 11:00.


In your application, put the following information:

  • Personal data
  • Effective date and end date 
  • Location 
  • Reason for application 

Submit your application via:

Traffic Waiver Application

  • We will let you know within 8 weeks whether you get the waiver.  
  • Do you receive the requested waiver? Then make an appointment to pick up traffic waiver(external link).
  • For the bus lock you need a waiver as well as an access pass. The access pass will be sent to you after the dispensation has been collected. You will receive a separate bill for the cost of the access pass.

Change or cancel appointment?

Once you have made an appointment you will receive a confirmation email. This e-mail also contains a link that allows you to change or cancel your appointment yourself.

Do you no longer have the e-mail? Then call 14 079. A staff member can change or cancel the appointment for you.

Blue zone waiver

You can apply for this through P1 Parking Service Office(external link).


When picking up the traffic waiver, bring:

  • the collection notice from the municipality
  • a valid ID


You pay the fee when you pick up the waiver. At the counter, you can only pay by debit or credit card.

Temporary exemption€ 26,50
Modifying and/or extending the temporary waiver€ 16,33
Issue pass to operate a poller€ 35,67

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

Additional fees may be charged for an access pass for an electronic locking system or a clapboard key.