As a homeowner, you can have your property removed from the housing stock. This is called a home withdrawal. To perform such an eviction, you need an eviction permit from:

  • A social housing unit with a rent below €808.06 per month.
  • A mid-rent home with a rent below €1141.96 per month or 189 points according to the Housing Rating System (WWS). 
  • A house for sale with a purchase price up to €405,000.

You can do this, for example, because:

  • You want to use a property as an office.
  • You want to merge 2 homes. 
  • You want to demolish a property.
  • You want to use a property for room rental.


In Zoetermeer, under conditions listed below, you are granted permission to use all or part of a dwelling for a purpose other than household occupancy. Exception is the use of the living space as office or practice space by the owner.


  • Activities must be secondary to the residential function.
  • There should be no retail sales.
  • Traffic and/or parking pressures in the surrounding area should not be greatly increased.
  • There should be no disturbance to the surrounding area.
  • In the opinion of the Board of B&W, the current home(s) are so valuable in public housing that they should not be withdrawn.


 Removing property from housing stock, applications

Enclose with the application:

Data on situation now

  • rent or purchase price
  • number of rooms
  • living area
  • floor
  • state of repair

Details of situation if you are going to use the property differently

  • new use of the property
  • blueprint/environmental permit
  • proposal for compensation

Data on situation after merging 2 dwellings

  • new rent or purchase price
  • name of the new occupant
  • number of new residents
  • written consent of the tenant

Data on the new situation in room rental

  • the rents
  • number of rooms to let
  • number of new residents

Note! Sometimes you also need to apply for an Environmental Permit ( for example, because you are going to build or remodel on the house).


Removing property from housing stock€ 9,66

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