Energy Transition Program

On Sept. 11, 2023, the City Council adopted the new energy transition program.

Energy Transition Program

Heat Vision

We can only achieve a natural gas-free Zoetermeer if the municipality, organizations and residents work together. In 2021, together with residents, organizations and initiatives in the city, the Heat Vision (Transitievisie Warmte) was drawn up. This Heat Vision was adopted by the Council in January 2022.

Because we as the municipality and residents cannot do without each other in making the city energy efficient neighborhood by neighborhood, we will keep the Do Along page Zoetermeer Aardgasvrij active for a longer period of time.

Soil Energy

Clean energy comes from sources that never run out. An example of clean energy is ground energy. Here we use heat or cold from the underground to heat and cool buildings and homes in a sustainable way. If you want to make use of this energy, you must report it or apply for a permit through