Sun on your business roof

Companies are an important target group for 'solar on roofs'. In the Regional Energy Strategy (RES Rotterdam-The Hague) agreements have been made about Zoetermeer's contribution to making the region more sustainable and to the goals in the Climate Agreement. Solar panels on company roofs occupy a prominent place as a goal in themselves and as a climate objective.

The agreements stem from the local exploration (agenda item 7E) and the decision by the City Council on January 25, 2021, on the desirability of wind and/or solar power in and around the city. With solar as the preferred option. There is also an implementation agenda wind and solar, in which the municipality is committed to more opportunities and places for solar panels, such as parking roofs or business facades. For more information see: Zoetermeer natural gas-free.

SDE Subsidy

Larger companies can take advantage of the SDE subsidy (Subsidy for Sustainable Electricity Production). With this subsidy, the national government stimulates companies to switch to sustainable energy on a large scale. Alderman Iedema (Economy): 'This way they reduce their energy bills and contribute to a sustainable city.' This scheme starts on September 10. For more information see: | More SDE subsidy 2024.

More sun on roof | Province of South Holland and municipality support entrepreneurs in Zoetermeer in realizing solar panels

The municipality of Zoetermeer and the province of South Holland would like to realize as much solar energy on rooftops as possible. For the third year in a row, they are supporting companies to purchase solar panels. After the actions in 2022, aimed at 4 business parks, and in 2023 at the 100 largest roof owners, the focus this year is on the northern business parks. Also this year, the province of South Holland is offering financial support. Are you not located on the northern business parks, but interested? Then you can also apply.

Information meeting

The 415 entrepreneurs located in the northern business parks have been invited to a special meeting on July 9, 2024, where they will be updated on the possibilities and available actions and subsidies. For many companies, the process from idea to realization of solar panels often turns out to be confusing and complex. Therefore, active support is offered to gain insight into the technical feasibility and financial implications of solar panels. This process is free of charge for entrepreneurs and institutions in order to keep the threshold as low as possible.

Consulting firm Stel

In order to carry out this process properly, consulting firm Stel...® was engaged. They have extensive experience in supporting companies and institutions in the realization of solar panels on roofs.

How have entrepreneurs tackled this before? Read interviews with 2 entrepreneurs for inspiration here.

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Please note that the budget is limited. Applications will be processed on a date of entry basis as long as the budget is available. We will contact you upon receipt of your application.

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