The municipality of Zoetermeer tries to provide you with the best possible service. However, it may happen that you are not satisfied with the service or with the way you have been treated. You can then file a complaint or lodge an objection.


A complaint is about the conduct of a civil servant or administrator of the municipality of Zoetermeer. A complaint may relate to, among other things, late handling, too little or incorrect information and/or treatment by a civil servant or director.


If you are not satisfied with the answer to your request, you can lodge an objection.

Youth Care Provider

Are you not satisfied with the services provided by your youth care provider? Then you should first contact your healthcare provider. If you are unable to reach an agreement with the care provider, you can contact the municipality. Jeugdstem can also support you in this. Below you will find the contact details.

Youth voice

When young people, parents and caregivers receive help and support in growing up and raising children, there is dependence. In a dependency situation, it is more difficult to talk about things that are not going well in youth care. In these situations, young people and/or their parents must be able to rely on an independent confidential adviser to assist them. In other words: every client who has questions, complaints about and/or problems with his/her (legal) position and about the (guidance to) youth care, may receive support from an independent confidential adviser established by law.

If you request support from a confidential advisor, they can provide you with information and advice and support you in contacting the body against which you have a complaint. The confidential counsellor first proposes to solve any bottlenecks with the professionals themselves by talking about them. If you wish, the confidential counsellor can be present at such a meeting. If you are unable to resolve the matter in a conversation, the confidential counsellor can help you draw up a letter of complaint. The confidential counsellor can also guide you through the process to the complaints and/or objections committee. Please note: the confidential adviser never acts on your own initiative on your behalf as a client.

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