There are already many works of art in the Palenstein neighborhood. Like the bronze relief on the wall near a school on the Rakkersveld. Or the mirror relief (Wall of Sound) with more than 2,800 mirror shapes on the wall of Erasmus College. Or the artwork in the atrium of the Castellum that houses various collections. In addition to these existing works of art, there will soon be room for a new work of art in Palenstein.

Why a work of art

A work of art can mean many things. It can be a meeting point or a striking landmark. It can have a story or meaning. Provide recognition and connection among the people who use the place. Therefore, a work of art must be well attuned to its surroundings.

Project Group

A project group with residents has been thinking about what wishes and requirements a work of art in Palenstein should meet. They will also look for a suitable location and choose an artist. The project group will remain involved throughout the art project.

4 artists create a sketch idea

From 59 portfolios submitted, the project group has chosen 4 artists. They will be commissioned to submit a sketch idea.

  • Q.S. Serafijn (born 19-2-1960 - died 1-6-2024) in collaboration with Jan Willem Terlouw: The project group members are impressed by the often monumental works that Serafijn has been creating in collaboration with others for years for public spaces. There is a lot of imagination in the work and the alternation from abstract to figurative also appeals to them. After the death of Q.S. Serafijn on June 1, 2024, Jan Willem Terlouw, in consultation with the relatives of Q.S. Serafijn, will continue the commission for the sketch design.
  • Karin van Iterson: In the designer category, the group chose Karin van Iterson. Her work appealed to most of the project group because it is beautifully made and clearly designed with a nice use of color. The group also liked the fact that Van Iterson uses text.
  • Tijs Rooijakkers: The project group chose Tijs Rooijakkers because as an artist he works closely with residents and/or users of a place. Moreover, he already has a number of monumental projects in public spaces to his name that appealed to the group, because of the beautiful forms and the (subtle) use of text.
  • David Bade: This artist has successfully involved residents and users in his creative process before. That experience and the many colorful, monumental sculptures he has created in public spaces was the deciding factor for the project group.

The artists will create a sketch idea in the coming months. The project group will eventually choose one sketch idea in the summer of 2024. This idea will be developed into a design and later executed. The artwork should be completed by June 2025.

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Project group art Palenstein, photo: municipality of Zoetermeer