Woo stands for Open Government Act. This is the law that governs how the government makes information public. 

The Woo deals with information that is not yet public. This information must be in documents. With a Woo request, you can ask for the information in these documents to be made public. Anyone can make a Woo request to the municipality. 

A Woo request is different from a general information request. With a general information request, only you receive the requested information. When responding to a Woo request, the information is disclosed to everyone. 

Would you like to reuse the information (as open data)? For example, for your own website? Then you can make a Who request. Who stands for the Reuse of Government Information Act.

General information request

Anyone can make a general information request to the municipality. This is general information. That is, for example, how something is regulated at the municipality or information that answers questions such as how much, how often, why. 

You can make a general information request in several ways:

Submit a question to the municipality

By mail

You send your request for information to:

Municipality of Zoetermeer
PO Box 15

Please indicate as precisely as possible the topic on which you would like to receive information. 

What information can you make a Woo request for?

You can make a Woo request if:

  • The congregation actually has the information.
  • The information is about:
    • what the municipality is doing,
    • what the municipality decides, or 
    • municipality's policies.
  • The request is about information contained in documents or systems.

Indicate in your request:

  • Exactly what information you want to request.
  • What time period you want information about. 
  • How you want to receive the information. Digital is free, for information sent by mail you must pay. The cost is included in the fee regulation.

The municipality can give you the information in different ways. For example, with a copy of a document. Or the municipality can invite you to come see the documents. The municipality is not required to create new documents such as a summary or overview.

Make Woo request

A Woo request, sent to an e-mail address of an employee or department, unfortunately cannot be processed. Always use one of the options listed below for your Woo request.

You can make a Woo request in 2 ways:


Submit Woo request

By mail

You send the request to:

Municipality of Zoetermeer
Attn: Woo coordinator
PO Box 15

How long will it take?

You will be notified of your request within 4 weeks. The municipality can extend this date by 2 weeks. If your request is very large, another deadline can be agreed with you.

The information you receive after submitting the Woo request is then also published on the municipality of Zoetermeer's website. This will make the information accessible to everyone.


  • If the municipality does not decide on time, you can declare the municipality in default. This means that you give the municipality one last chance to decide within 2 weeks.
  • Do you disagree with our response? Then you can object.


Do you have general questions about a Woo request? Or would you like information about the status of a submitted Woo request? If so, please fill out the contact form below. 

Contact form Woo