Report your move to the municipality where you will be living.

Reporting your relocation in Zoetermeer is currently only possible online, except:

  • If you as a parent do not have the same old and new residential address as your child.
    • Call 14 079.
    • You must make an appointment to stop by the Public Square counter.
  • If you are supervised by a caregiver or guardian and you are under 16 years of age.

Who can provide the change of address?

You may submit your change of address yourself (if you are 16 years of age or older), but the following people may also do it for you:

  • Your spouse or registered partner, if you both have the same old and new residential address.
  • Your parents, if they have the same old and new residential address.
  • Your adult children, if they have the same old and new residential address.
  • Your caregiver/guardian/curator (if applicable).
  • An adult who authorizes you (that authorized person must provide the authorization, proof of identity and (a copy of) your ID).

You are moving to Zoetermeer or within Zoetermeer

  • Send us a change of address online (see 'Arrange online'). You will need a DigiD login code to do this.
  • Do this no later than 5 days after you move. You may report earlier, but not more than 4 weeks before the move date.
  • The date you specify as the moving date = the date of the change of address.
  • Are you late in reporting your move? Then the date of receipt of the notification will count as the date of change of address.

You are moving in with someone or living together in Zoetermeer

  • Send us a change of address online (see 'Arrange online'). You will need a DigiD login code to do this.
  • You report in the form who you will be living with (= the main tenant)
  • The primary occupant must give permission within 7 days.
  • The consent may only be given by the person you named in the form. You may not list yourself as the primary resident.
  • Only after the permission of the main resident do we process the change of address.
  • The main tenant can only give permission with DigiD via MijnZoetermeer or via Consent main tenant. The main tenant does not receive an e-mail.
  • If the primary resident gives permission, he/she is aware of the consequences of the other person living in.
  • Does the main resident not give permission (or not in time)? Then we will not register you at the new address.

When living together, both partners must submit a change of address at the same time.

You are going to move abroad (emigrate)

Are you moving abroad (emigrating)? If so, you must declare this no later than 5 days before your departure.

Verification of change of address

We will check to see if your change of address is correct. You may be fined if:

  • You allow someone to register at your address when you know it is not correct.
  • You deliberately report a move when you are not moving.
  • You deliberately fail to report your move even though you have moved.

Which organizations will have your new address?

It depends on your personal situation which organizations get your address. Usually it is:

  • Water Board.
  • Internal Revenue Service (including the Motor Vehicle Tax Division).
  • Social Insurance Bank (SVB) (in the case of child benefit or AOW/ANW).
  • Donor Registry (if applicable).
  • DUO (if applicable).
  • State Highway Administration (if there is a license plate in your name).
  • Your pension fund.
  • Departments within the municipality such as Taxation, Education, Social Affairs (depending on what applies to you).

Sometimes we give your address to a church or social institution, for example. Do you not want this? Then send us a request. You can read how to do this in the product: Limitation of disclosure of personal data.

What should you do?

Report your move to the new municipality. Do this no later than 5 days after you have moved. If you want to report the move earlier, you can do so up to 4 weeks before the date of relocation.


If you report a change of address after moving, the date of moving is the date of change of address. This must be done within 5 days of moving.

  • If you report later, the date you report the change to the municipality is the official date of change of address.
  • If you have passed on a move in the future, the municipality will update the address information on the date you pass on. This is then the date of address change.

Make sure you give all the information the municipality needs. Otherwise, the municipality will not update your address information.

How long does it take

  • Do you communicate your change of address in advance? Then the change of address will not be processed until the date of the move (if the move is approved).
  • Relocation approved? Then you will be notified by mail from us within 5 working days after the address change has been processed.
  • Follow the state of affairs via MijnZoetermeer.
  • Within days of the move date, you will see your new address in MijnZoetermeer .

Are you moving from another municipality to Zoetermeer? Then it may take a few days longer before your move is processed and your new address is visible in MijnZoetermeer. Do you doubt whether your move has been processed correctly? Then call 14 079.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unsubscribe someone from my address?

You cannot unsubscribe someone yourself. However, you can have an address enquiry done.