Help with transportation (mobility scooter, Regiotaxi) (Wmo)

Do you have problems with transportation because of your disabilities? If so, the municipality may be able to help you.

There are 2 types of aids for problems with transportation:

  • An aid for short distances (mobility scooter).
  • An aid for longer distances (Regiotaxi).

Mobility scooter

  • With a mobility scooter, you may also ride in pedestrian areas (e.g. shopping malls).
  • We only supply mobility scooters for short distances.
  • Do you want to travel a longer distance with your mobility scooter? Then you can take your mobility scooter on the RandstadRail or use the Regiotaxi.

Storing your mobility scooter

Storing the mobility scooter is done in your own home or storage room. Is this not possible? Then you may be able to put the mobility scooter down in a common area.

You must ask your housing association or Home Owners' Association (VvE) where you may park your mobility scooter for fire safety reasons. Your housing corporation or Owner's Association must give written permission for this. Your housing corporation or Owner's Association must also indicate what, if any, requirements are necessary for this.


Regiotaxi is a form of public transportation. Regiotaxi picks you up at your front door and takes you to the door of your destination. You may bring a walker, wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Regiotaxi is available to everyone. Because of this, you sometimes share a cab with other passengers. Therefore, you may not drive to your destination in one trip. You will make a maximum 30-minute detour and you will only pay for the shortest route.

Regiotaxi runs only regionally. Outside the region you can use Valys. Valys is not a Wmo aid and cannot be arranged with the municipality. To request transport outside the region, go to Valys. You can only use Valys if you have a Wmo provision for transport or a wheelchair.

Need guidance?

Do you also want to travel by transport other than the Regiotaxi (for example, by train, bus or metro) and are unable to travel independently? Then you may take a companion with you free of charge. You will need a public transport companion card. This card must be applied for by the person needing assistance via Argonaut. You can do this by calling telephone number 030 - 235 4661. Or check the website

Step-by-step plan to request transportation assistance:

Read the step-by-step application process.

Step 1 > First, see what you can do yourself

Do you need help in your daily life? Often a solution is close at hand. Usually family, friends, acquaintances and neighbors can give you the help you need. Also take a look at the website Zoetermeerwijzer | mobility. On this website you will find more information about solutions to your request for help.

Sometimes you can buy or borrow an aid yourself that will make your daily life easier. Also, always ask if your health insurance might cover the help. You do not need the municipality for that.

Step 2 > Make Wmo notification

You can file a Wmo notification in 3 ways:

Personal plan writing

Are you making a Wmo notification? Then you can choose to write a personal plan. A personal plan explains what you can and cannot do and what you need help with. Please note! A personal plan is different from a plan for a personal budget.

Making a personal plan is not mandatory. The pdf document below has all the information for creating a personal plan. You can also choose to make your own personal plan.

Information for creating a personal plan (pdf)

Step 3 > Wmo notification done, then what?

At this time, unfortunately, the processing of your Wmo notification is taking longer than expected. We are doing our best to help you as soon as possible.

The municipality calls you after your notification. An appointment is made for an interview (the 'kitchen table interview'). Sometimes this conversation is on the phone and sometimes a Wmo employee comes to your home. During the meeting the municipality will discuss with you what is needed. Family members or client supporters may also be present at this meeting.

The conversation will include:

  • Your personal situation.
  • Your request for help.
  • What you can do yourself.
  • What people around you can do for you.

Step 4 > Apply for Wmo assistance or tool

Does the municipality recommend help or an aid? Then the Wmo employee, together with you, ensures that the help or resource is applied for. So a Wmo notification does not automatically mean that you will also receive help or an appliance.

Step 5 > Paying for the aid or device

Are you getting help or an aid through the Wmo? Then you can get it in 2 ways:

  • Care in kind (Zin). You get help from a provider with whom the municipality has a contract.
  • Personal Budget (PGB). You arrange everything yourself.

You also always pay a monthly co-payment. You can find more information on the page Personal budget and Care in kind.


For the Regiotaxi you do not pay a subscription fee via the CAK but you do pay a contribution for the ride. A trip with the Regiotaxi is calculated in the number of kilometers you travel.

Do you have a Wmo decision? Then the decision states the maximum number of kilometers you can use. You pay € 0.187 per kilometer driven. Do you travel more than the allocated number of kilometers? Then you pay for the extra kilometers the standard amount that the Regiotaxi charges per kilometer.

You can also "travel on account. You will then receive a bill for the fare contribution(s). You pay by direct debit. Request an invoice form from Regiotaxi, telephone number 088 - 966 60 11.

Price changes and typographical errors reserved.

Other information:

Learn more about transportation assistance.

You have help or a tool and you have a question about it

See who to contact with which question:

Ask your healthcare provider:

  • Complaints or questions about the assistance provided.
  • Replacing your help in case of illness or vacation.
  • The times your help comes.
  • Overview of assistance provided.
  • Your support plan.

Questions for the congregation:

  • Change in your situation.
  • Extension of household assistance.
  • The quality of the aid or resource provided.
  • Complaints about your provider.
  • Switching providers.

Cancel Wmo help or aid

When not using

Do you no longer need the device? Then you can cancel it yourself.

  • Fill in the form: Wmo assistance request or tool cancellation.
  • Please indicate what tool you have and why you want to cancel it.
  • You will receive a letter about discontinuing your aid.
  • If necessary, a staff member will contact you to make further arrangements.

When moving

Are you moving to another municipality? If so, you must notify your Wmo counselor in time.

  • Contact your Wmo counselor.
  • You will discuss with him/her whether you may take the device with you or must return it.
  • Did you buy a device with a personal budget (PGB) or allowance? If so, you may have to repay part of the amount.

In the event of death

If the death is processed in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP) then the right to the device stops. The supplier of the device contacts the next of kin. An appointment will be made to pick up the device.

Do you, as a survivor, still want to cancel the aid yourself in advance? Then please use the form: Wmo aid request or cancel aid.

Independent client support

Do you have questions about care, housing, work, education or parenting? Then an independent client supporter can think along with you. They know what help is available and know the laws and rules. They can also mediate in case of complaints and problems with the municipality or care providers.

For example, they can help you by:

  • Clarify your request for help.
  • To help if you want to file a complaint.
  • Seeking the right help.
  • Making an appointment or going with you to an appointment.

The client supporters work at Adviespunt Zorgbelang and not at the municipality or a health care provider. The client supporters listen, think with you and advise. They have a duty of confidentiality. The help is free of charge. Young people can also contact the client supporters.

For more information, visit the website of Adviespunt Zorgbelang.